Why Build A doTERRA Team?




Why Did I start a Doterra Team?

My doTERRA journey did not begin easily! I was so resistant to the company when I first was introduced to it about 7 years ago. Perhaps it was something about the setting in which I was first introduced to the company, or the lack of connection I felt to the people at the time, but it also definitely was my pre-conceived ideas about the company and what direct-selling was/wasn't that tainted my perception about getting involved (even thou I desperately wanted the oils!)

Then a magical thing happened: My partner had enrolled in the company and I inadvertently received access to so many of the products and oils and began using them. I continued to use the oils and products on my own, with no education, team, or support and through trail and error began to see dramatic benefits in my day to day life. I then decided to become more involved in educating myself, for my personal gain, and began studying and learning for months on end about different oils, companies, ways to use the oils and products and began making my own blends and using the oils multiple times a day.

People began to ask me in my programs and training's what I was using all the time, why I smelled so good, and having witness me applying the oils regularly apply them they of course became more curious. One day I found myself in a situation surrounded by women all wanting to purchase my blends and oils from me. I couldn't resist it any longer. I called my friend and colleague, who had been enticing me to create a business for more than a year, but was also patiently waiting for my moment of realization, and said to her over the phone, OKAY! I guess I will start a business!

My goal in the beginning was simple and is still the same: I will create a business and continue to work at it as long as there are other people who want to do it with me, if its EASY and if its FUN!

I am not even in the business for a year yet! I began sharing these amazing products in July 2017 and right away I got a team of amazing women to join me on the journey, all in, 100% ready for financial freedom. Within 3 months I gained the ranking of premier in doTERRA, and had my core builders and organization set up for success! I have maintained this ranking for 5 consecutive months and am ready to go silver/gold which are significant rankings in doTERRA and means that I have also led my core team to their first significant ranking as well. I am on my way to diamond by the end of 2018 and now is the absolute perfect time to join my team and claim abundance, freedom, and community into your life while having fun along the way!

love, Anjili

Why Should You Start a Team?

You should start a team if:

  • You love natural solutions to daily life challenges, health care, family life and home care
  • Are a go-getter (or want to be), and inspired to educate yourself and others
  • Stay at home mamas

  • Coaches

  • Healers/kinesiologists/massage therapists/people in the healing industries

  • People with a background in marketing or corporate

  • People with a strong interest in natural health

  • Self-motivated go-getters who want to craft a highly successful business.

There is a really diverse community of doTERRA business owners - from hipster yogis in their 20s to Evangelical Christians in their 60s. Obviously, it's fully up to you whether you're called to it or not. And it's also fully your responsibility, attitude, confidence and ability to focus that will get you there.

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So how much can you earn in doTERRA?
yes, this is Real!


Is this a pyramid scheme?

 Is doTERRA a pyramid scheme or marketing scam?


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