Anjili Russell
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Special Programs


Anjili offers weekly yoga classes at her studio Keene Yoga Center (KYC) in downtown Keene, NH. Anjili also offers free online classes via "The Yoga Show with Anjili."

Kids Yoga School

Kids Yoga School is a unique learning format with a focus on cultivating the spiritual tools and ideas found through yoga philosophy and its practices into the daily life of kids. 

Train to teach Kids

Kids Yoga Training is a training for individuals who wish to incorporate the yoga philosophy and its practices in one's professional work with children or one's home life with kids. 

Coaching For kids

Kids Yoga coaching offers the opportunity to learn one -to-one with a focus on using the tools, techniques and philosophy to navigate specific challenges that may be arising in daily life. 

Train to teach Adults

Anjili is the co-founder of Sadhana Yoga School, an international training school for people who wish to become yoga instructors or want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.  

Training for Professionals

Anjili offers professional development through workshops in schools, hospitals and social service agencies as well as weekend trainings in the use of yoga philosophy and practices for non-violence.