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Featured Online Course: 

"Embracing yoga philosophy and practices in Childhood development"

I’m thrilled to invite you to this course on embracing yoga in childhood and family life.

This course will give you the concepts and tools to integrate yoga into the life of children, families and communities. We will cover why yoga philosophy and practices are so vital for the modern world and you’ll learn why embracing yoga in early childhood is so important to me. If you’re longing for profound, actionable ways to improve life in your family and your community then join me for this course.


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what this online course offers:

With five sections and unlimited access to 20 videos, you will be provided with:

  • Free downloadable workbook

  • An Introduction to the Core Principles of Yoga Philosophy

  • Coaching in the Four Part Model of Whole-Being

  • Coaching in the Path to Wholeness System

  • An overview of Energetic Development of Human System

  • Understanding the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga and How to Teach it to Children and Families

  • Access to the private Facebook Group


Reasons to Enroll and Start Your Journey!

Learn a new way to influence the life of a child and the child within you!

Practical exercises to integrate the curriculum into your everyday life!

Easy to follow format and teachings! Complete with guided reflection, suggested resources and downloadable PDF

Join our Growing Community and Gain Support for your Personal Path of Healing!

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