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Sangha is a sanskrit word
that can be used to describe
a community of like-minded people.


To restore wholeness to the individual, family, and community through the use of yoga philosophy and practice, so that we might fulfill our life purpose, and create a healthier happier world. 

To foster and nurture the innate awareness and intelligence of children and to help each adult restore their connection to his/her own highest version of self through yoga philosophy and practice. To support families and communities in the use of yoga philosophy and practice, thereby supporting a return to wholeness, health, happiness, and the fulfillment of one’s life purpose. In encouraging this transformative process we effect positive change and a shift in consciousness at a larger societal level.


The practice and journey through yoga is generally understood as a non-competitive, individual practice or journey


Though many people find that the personal dedication and journey through yoga is strengthened through association with a yoga community, or Sangha.

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Ready to help?

In a world of uncertainty and loss, our children, our families and our communities need our help. 

Your contribution supports Sangha Relations in bringing yoga philosophy and practices to all who need it. With your help, we can continue the work we’ve begun—teaching free yoga classes and workshops to high school students, offering free motivational talks to local high high schools and non-profit agencies, opening the Kids Yoga School to more and more children, training early childhood professionals and parents in the tools of yoga, writing and distributing books and guides—and the large-scale, transformative projects we envision to restore wholeness, health, happiness, and the fulfillment of one’s life purpose to all. 

Thank you for making our community, our Sangha, strong!


Our Core Values

  • The innate awareness of each individual has the potential to be fostered and nurtured through childhood. 

  • The conditioning and required conformity of Western society and values often has a negative effect on one's connection to the inherent awareness of children. 

  • When the relationship with one's own inherent awareness is not fostered and nurtured one begins to seek and search endlessly for the re-connection of the relationship. 
  • Happiness and contentment in adulthood cannot be experienced until this relationship is repaired. 

  • Through yoga philosophy and its wide array of practices we can nurture and or repair the relationship to one's own innate awareness. 

Copyright Sangha Relations 2016

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