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  95-hour kids yoga teacher trainings

Learn to Teach Children


95-hour kids yoga teacher trainings

Do you have a passion for children?

Do you believe that our children are being raised in an outdated paradigm?

Do you want to contribute to raising the consciousness of the Next Generation?

Are you ready to heal and transcend your own childhood traumas and be a part of the solution in raising thoughtful, compassionate, connected, self-aware children?

If you answered “yes,” then this program is for you!

As part of the expanded vision of Sadhana Yoga School, co-founder Anjili Russell is dedicated to integrating the ancient wisdom of Yoga for the Next Generation! Through a thoroughly thought-out and unique approach designed to share the philosophy of the yoga sutras and the yoga practices outlined in the Eight-Limbed Path of yoga Anjili will fully prepare you to guide and teach all aspects of yoga with children and youth. The aim of this 95hr Kids Yoga Teacher Training is to assist people in bringing all aspects of the tradition of yoga into the daily life, of not just children, but their families, caregivers, and community support professionals as well.

You do not need to be a yoga instructor to take this course.  

This course is designed for parents, teachers, physicians, therapists…anyone who comes into contact or works with children.  Come discover how the philosophy of yoga can shape your life and those of future generations.

This course will be offered in two locations:


Keene, NH

10-Day Immersion

Guatemala August 95hr Copy 2-4.jpg


10-day immersion

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PLUS - enroll and get FREE access to Sangha Relations online course: "EMBRACING YOGA PHILOSOPHY & PRACTICES IN CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT."

Tuition includes: shared accommodation and 3 organic, vegetarian meals per day, group shuttle from the airport to retreat centre, 2 cultural activities, and training manual. 

Please note August 2, 2018 is the scheduled Arrival Date and August 14, 2018 is scheduled Departure Date for the training.


November 9-19, 2018

March 18-28, 2019


upcoming keene, nh program dates

10 day immersion august 1-10, 2019

In the 95 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training you will learn:

  • Fundamental principals designed for working with children and families from a Yoga Perspective
  • Guidelines for establishing tools and practices that focus on the development of the “whole-child”.
  • What it means to work from a 4 part modal of development; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual
  • How to foster the special abilities of children (creativity, imagination, intuition, manifestation)
  • Attachment theory as it relates to trauma
  • Trauma Informed practice for Kids
  • Working with Anxiety and mild Behavior Issues
  • How to connect with and nurture children with Autism, ADHD and other mainstream diagnosis
  • Yoga Poses, Breathing Practices and Creative Visualization and Imagery assisting in:
    • Self awareness
    • Self Regulation
    • Empathy
    • Acceptance
    • Creativity
    • Manifestation
  • Creative stories and activities that weave together Universal Spiritual Lessons for Kids
  • EFT Techniques for Kids
  • Aromatherapy for Kids
  • Sound Healing, affirmation and mantra for Kids
  • Healing practices for the whole family from Yoga Approach
  • Healing practices for parents and caregivers to heal their Inner Child
  • So much more!

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