doTERRA Sign-Up & Order

Ordering doTERRA oils is like becoming a Costco member...

you can get the oils at wholesale prices!


  • You'll get 25% off retail prices

  • No Obligation to purchase

  • Opportunity to get free oils (they are pretty generous with their bonus gifts!)

  • You DON'T need to order every month... (until you become like the rest of us and become thoroughly addicted! or are building a business)

  • Close to 70% of people do re-order because they love the products so much!



How much does it cost to become a wholesale customer?

To join a doTERRA Team you can:

  • Sign-up as a Wholesale Customer with a $35 enrollment fee
    Which includes enrollment packet and the opportunity to order any products you want at wholesale prices and to collect points to use towards more product!
  • You can join with an Enrollment Kit (a variety to choose from starting at $150 USD)
    Which waives the $35 joining fee, includes same enrollment packet and gives you massive savings on oils and an opportunity to earn free oils and product points as well!

Choosing a person/team to enroll with is super important in terms of community and support.
Some of the benefits of OUR ESSENTIAL TEAM and organization are:

  • Incentives and Gifts! We are usually giving away something!
  • Free Coaching for your oil journey (and personal life too!)
  • Free 10-Week Video Training series (created exclusively by me and my core team, for you!)
  • Access to our private online community
  • And most importantly, you have joined a network of strong, independent women who are inspired to live life in their own terms!

Two of the most popular Enrollment Kits are the Home Essentials and Natural Solutions, however, all of them are amazing and available for different needs and budgets. Set up a Free Consult to discuss what would work best for your needs and goals! Email:





How to order...

I'll give you detailed instructions...

and  I'll lead you through step by step!

And if you have any questions at all, just ask in the Facebook group!

We're here to help!

So excited to be sharing the magic and miracle of essential oils with you.