Finding the Flow

I realized that the cloud that had been hovering over my halo was blocking my receptors to the Divine Light connection, cutting me off from the flow of the Universal Direction and Divine Love.

I was feeling anxious, uncertain, and fearful of making a decision. I was waiting for guidance, a clear sign as to what step to take next, which direction to follow. I made choices that I knew in my most high Self were the right choices, however, I was still in my ego and felt fearful. I was hoping that my High Self was wrong; and I pushed through, waiting (stalling), for some confirmation that the Divine was wrong and ego was right.

I was lying to my self.

Ouch. That’s a big one. We all do it, more than we are aware and for sure more than we could ever admit. So I spoke to a trusted teacher, one who knows my energy, and me and he reminded me of who I am, where I am headed and repeated the phrase, “just hang on a little longer, you are right in the middle of it, its happening all around you right now, you just can’t see it”.

Oh, wait, what? Just hang on?

Oh, okay, but I am pretty sure you have been saying that to me for three years now…

Nonetheless, I woke up the next morning, determined to decide. I was determined to choose and to manifest all of the things that had been revealed to me at various points in this last year. Those things that I felt called to me from the depths of my Soul, that I trusted as visions and knew as truth.

I also decided to pull my energy out of the things that were not aligned with what I was intending to manifest. This is an equally powerful aspect. Not only am I to refocus my energy, but I also need to reclaim energy that is feeding people, places and things that are not connected to me moving forward on my path. Powerful. And wow, I could feel it. I could fell the shift.

So I refocused and reclaimed and I was back in the flow. I followed my intuition that was calling me elsewhere from a plan that had already been made. To a workshop in Sedona with a powerful woman who teaches everything that I need to know in this moment. After finding her, there were many connections that revealed themselves, all of which were previously unknown. For example, she was called to this same school at the age of 31, in 1981, and has been there ever since. I am currently 31, was born in 1981, and know that she is the teacher I have been looking for.

Then there are the logistics. It is an expensive workshop, I checked to see if I had enough money in my savings account to attend, low and behold I had the exact amount, to the dollar, 777. This number 7 is also the premise of my spiritual understanding of my life philosophy and grounds me in so many unexplained ways. Next, the car rental that I had reserved, before ever even knowing about this workshop, was also for the exact days that I needed it to drive to Sedona and back to California. Totally unplanned two weeks ago.

Within 3 hours I was offered a free place to stay through a friend of a friend, who knows a girl, who happened to be going out of town the very exact days that I was going to be in town and is totally comfortable with letting a complete stranger stay in her home while she is gone.

Are you with me? Seriously.

By this time I was freaking out. This could not be anymore clear. I found my flow again. I am so exactly where I need to be. So unbelievably grateful at how I got here. Yes, I definitely had to let go of things to get here and no, it wasn’t easy, in fact, it really sucked, a lot. But, I did it. I did it because this is my life; A constant stream of evaluation, reflection, releasing, letting go, sometimes not soon enough, sometimes too soon and other times, like now, just in time…

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