“Your life or mine, we go through the same emotions as women: full of change and uncertainty at times, hope and joy others, scared and alone occasionally...
In that truth we are all united”


I suppose a little bit of a writer's block has come over me, or rather I have gotten swept away into building the blocks of others, for others and have little time to focus on my own creations. Yes, that sounds better. I have, however, done this happily so and see it as necessary component to my path of fulfilling my Dharmic obligations of work and responsibility. None-the-less, it has left me little time for my own creative channels to be released.

But now, I hear Her call. My distraction has prompted Her to grab my attention. I heard Her speak to me. Gentle reminders of what needs to be done, of what must take place in order for growth to be seen and experienced. Call Her as you will, God, Goddess, Spirit, Nature, Cosmic Force, Divine Light; all of which, to me, are many emanations of the same essence. There are many names and faces of and for God. Let us not get tangled in the web of difference here, but feel instead the warmth that comes from our union with the feminine face of the Divine.

I heard the voice of wisdom through a dream, when I awoke I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt of what my next move was to be. Such clarity, such peace from the inner knowing that I was then able to move through without hesitation, full of confidence that this was indeed what was needed.

This of course does not happen without practice. In some ways I knew this was an examination of my faith on a larger scale. It is sometimes easier to play with the smaller decisions of life, work, travel, but the real challenges come when you are asked to make drastic change in your life without having any inclination of what will be next. This is faith. This is when all you need to know for certain is that this one step is the next move, and each step will be revealed upon completion of the first.

Yes, it is scary, yes it is hard and no, not everyone makes the choice to take the leap. But anyone can. That is the point, anyone can. And maybe all it takes if for one person to say: “hey look, I did that and it turned out more amazing than I could have ever dreamed”

I have not had that person to say that to me, but I have been (or rather I am) that person who can say it to you. Yes, I can say and I am saying, I have done it, and yes I was scared, and yes I was lonely and Yes, it sucked…. but then it didn’t, and then I wasn’t scared and yes, sometimes it is still lonely. Except now, I can’t ever imagine living my life anyone other way.

You and I are the same. We have the same human emotions, desires, wants, needs, insecurities and we have the same societal conditioning that has led us to believe that it better to play safe, take this instead of chasing after that. And, we both know deep inside that THAT is the only thing that will ever be enough.

When we wake up to this fact, it is then we begin to hear the call. Her voice is clearly recognizable to us; it is the timeless wisdom of inner knowing and it gets louder and louder until we acknowledge it, and respond. Some, however,  may choose to shut it out completely, ignoring the sounds, masking their sight, begging her for control and pleading to use our own devices. We fall into the trap of ignorance is bliss and we compromise, hold back, ultimately choosing death to the Self. But for some, that certain death is seen and decidedly not an option. For those few, faith drops in and somehow pulls you through, up and out and you are forever changed, opened and awakened.

Samata Digital