Anjili Russell
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Spiritual Teacher for the Modern Family


ANJILI is dedicated to helping children and families use yoga to nurture their spiritual identity, therby healing and transforming their lives.

Anjili’s commitment to spiritual health and wholeness for children began in her own childhood, when her brother passed away suddenly and she began to experience a relationship with him in an unconventional way. Although she was unable to see him physically, she maintained a close and intimate relationship with her brother throughout her childhood, often communicating with him through dreams and vision. Anjili felt close to and supported by her brother through some tough and challenging times in her life.

"I knew I was different, but I didn't understand why or how."

As a teen Anjili fell into many adverse experiences and challenges but somehow maintained a connection to a deeper knowing inside of her that her life was to mean something so much more than she was experiencing. Yoga would eventually come to answer the many questions she held deep inside her, however, that came much later. First, Anjili began working as a social worker in 2000-2009 in a variety of settings including group homes, alternative high schools and treatment centers for young children. She also served as a support worker and program director for adults with severe and persistent mental illness living independently. 

Her last social work position was perhaps the most demanding and the most prestigious: Coordinator of an outpatient treatment program in Alberta, Canada, that helped individuals recently released from psychiatric care or incarceration due to mental illness as they reintegrated into their communities.

"But the work wasn't enough. I wanted to treat people as more than their mental illness. I wanted to understand the whole person-body, mind and spirit-from a new perspective."

Anjili left Canada and moved to India for two years to study yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama. These practices and belief systems not only gave her invaluable tools for helping others; they also healed core wounds and struggles in her own life. She returned home connected to her most authentic self – and eager to learn more. She contiuned her yoga and metaphysical studies with prestigious teachers all around the world and now Anjili is an ERYT-500 hour registered yoga instructor with thousands of hours training and teaching experience. 

She is a passionate and deeply immersed student of mystical paths and metaphysical texts, and a certified Reiki teacher and EFT therapist (emotional freedom technique). She and her husband, Bryan, co-founded the international Sadhana Yoga School, and for 7 years they have been teaching in over eight countries around the world annually and employ and mentor 15 other amazing teachers in this company. In 2013 Anjili and Bryan also opened a 4,000-square-foot yoga studio, Keene Yoga Center, in Keene, NH and this is the core of their yoga community, employing 25 weekly teachers and 10 support staff with more than 40 classes and workshops per week.


"I now feel deeply called to work with children and youth from a yoga perspective."

To fulfill this calling for child, family, and community wholeness, Anjili recently launched Sangha Relations. This new organization houses her initiatives to foster individual, family, and community wholeness through yoga philosophy and practices. This includes the Kids Yoga School, an innovative curriculum that teaches children ages 5 to 13 yoga poses, breathing strategies, and meditation tools to navigate life as a little human. For children and youth she offers free classes and motivational lectures to high school students, whom also receive a free membership to practice yoga at Keene Yoga Center. Anjili also offers personal yoga coaching for children and youth and training for professionals, caregivers and parents who want to incorporate yoga into their work with children. 

In addition, Anjili is currently writing a book for child caregivers on using yoga philosophy to nurture the innate wisdom and connection to Spirit that all children are born with — as well as repairing one’s own relationship to Spirit. Part guide, part memoir, the book will chronicle the family tragedy and spiritual crises that severed Anjili from Spirit, and how she found her way back to whole-being through yoga.

"I feel so at home when I am facilitating a talk or group or teaching in any capacity. This is when I feel the most connected to my highest Self and the Spirit that moves through me."